Aloha State Drill Team

Opens 01-AUG-22
Closes 31-AUG-22
Only 20 members selected annually!

Represent youth excellence and the State of Hawaii through Hawaii Military-Style Drill.

  • Grade level 10-12
    • Participation may begin in summer break leading to sophomore year.
  • Minimum Cumulative
    • GPA of 2.25 GPA is confirmed by the most recent quarterly report card.
    • Grade submission is required every quarter.
  • JROTC cadet participation is required where offered
    • Students are required to enroll in the JROTC program if their school offers it.
    • Students enrolled in schools without a JROTC program may apply but need a letter of reference from a faculty member.
  • Letters of Reference
    • Two (2) letters of reference are required.
      1. A JROTC instructor or faculty member must provide a letter of reference attesting to your commitment as a student, work ethic, leadership, and demeanor.
      2. A family member must provide a letter of reference attesting to your qualities related to positive values, leadership, commitment to goals, and why you would be a good fit for the team.
  • Skills Video
    • Provide a video demonstrating your skills in Armed Hawaii Military-Style Drill via the link provided. We drill with Springfield M1903 replica rifles.
  • Contractual Agreement
    • Applicants will need to sign a contract with NMII committing to all training and fundraising requirements, care for themselves and others, maintain and excel in academics, and represent the team and organization appropriately.
  • Non-professional Requirement
    • A professional driller is defined as any individual who is paid to perform drills.
    • Members who are paid to drill as a member of the Hawaii Royal Honor Guard (HRHG) may not participate in the ASDT.
    • Members may drill with the HRHG to fundraise where funds will go to NMII and be credited to the member’s account.
      • It is the responsibility of members to ensure account accuracy for funds raised.
  • A panel will convene to review all applications
  • 20 members will be selected every year to make the official Aloha State Drill Team (ASDT)
  • Announcements shall be made by the end of September
  • General training with the Royal Guards is held every Saturday at 9 a.m.
    • Training Area 1 (TA1)
      • The primary training location shall be at the Kapolei Community Center park.
      • 91-1111 Kamaaha Loop, Kapolei, HI 96707
    • Training with the Guard is highly encouraged but not required.
  • Aloha State Drill Team (ASDT) REQUIRED training
    • ASDT mandatory training shall be every fourth (4th) Saturday of each month.
    • Training shall be at TA1.
    • Training dates and locations may change. Any changes shall be published on the official Notion page.
    • Outer island team members
      • In-person training on Oahu is required.
      • Outer island team members will be provided transportation on Oahu.
      • Flights will be coordinated by NMII and paid for with funds raised for this program.
  1. Attend all required training events.
  2. Participate in Fundraising, Community Service, Cultural learning, and all events.
  3. Maintain a minimum 2.25 GPA and strive to exceed a 3.0 GPA.
  4. Prioritize personal schedule to ensure balanced family time, personal time, academic time, and drill time.
  5. Keep your family and teachers informed of your progress.
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