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Our Mission

“Na Mea Ike Ia is an organization like no other! A grass roots organization which seeks to take the ancient wisdom and traditions from our Kupuna, and transfer them to the youth of today. This combination of Native Hawaiian philosophy, with modern tools, makes the organization very valuable to challenged and vulnerable youth”

— M. Leonard, Royal Guard since 2021.
Our Why, What, and How​

Ke Kumu (Purpose-Why)

NA MEA IKE IA (NMII) is formed to promote and preserve Aloha (deep affection/love) in the world through the positive development of na haumana (students), na ohana (families), and wahi noho like o ka poe (communities) with structured, cultural, and uplifting values-based programs rooted in the wisdom of our kupuna (elders) and aumakua (ancestors).

Ka Mākia (Vision-What)

Nā Mea ʻIke ʻIa will develop generations of self-dependent successful youth, thriving in their passions, achieving personal excellence, and positively impacting others as they learn how to live Aloha and share it with the world.

Ka Huakaʻi (Mission-How)

Hoʻomōhala nā opio loaʻa Kūpono Ke Ola Impact the youth to achieve Excellence in Life – by collaborating with family and community to fill the need to BELONG, have a positive IDENTITY, and realize OPPORTUNITY.
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