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We work to restore cultural harmony for Native Hawaiian youth and families. A 2020 Office of Hawaiian Education (OHE) study finds Cultural Dissonance (the lack of cultural harmony and identity) as the core reason for Native Hawaiian student challenges leading to incidents, suspensions, or dismissals with a high probability of incarceration. OHE finds that Native Hawaiians account for 24% of the student population, yet 45% of all incidents with 38% of total dismissals. This leads to where we see Native Hawaiians in jail, with an average incarceration rate of 50% for juveniles and 38% for adults. Critical to the restoration of identity is the proliferation of the Hawaiian language. UNESCO ranks the Hawaiian language as critically endangered. A Hawaii Community Foundation 2021 report finds that of the 1.4 million residents in Hawaii, only 18,610, or 1%, are native speakers! Without cultural harmony and the use of language, THE CULTURE WILL BE LOST.

Royal Hawaiian Guard

Nā Koa Kiaʻi Aliʻi Hawaiʻi – “The Royal Hawaiian Guard” serves as a symbol of resilience and Native Hawaiian identity.

The Aloha Means Program

The Aloha Means program is formed to challenge people to discover the meaning of Aloha and apply it to their lifestyle.

The Ho'omahua Initiative

Formed to Harness Smart, Regenerative, Community-Based Tourism to create thriving communities.


Aligned with the organization’s purpose to promote and preserve Aloha in the world, Nā Mea ʻIke ʻIa aims to Kaʻikaʻi (Uplift) with services that promote Aloha and community resiliency.

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