The Ho'omahua Initiative


Formed to Harness Smart, Regenerative, Community-Based Tourism to create thriving communities.

The initiative has five key goals.

  1. Advance Native Hawaiian economic resiliency;

  2. Perpetuate Native Hawaiian culture;

  3. Improve tourism management and community planning;

  4. Grow the Hawaii circular economy;

  5. Positively impact communities through tourism and technology.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we look to connect visitors directly to our native community businesses and organizations while easing the burden placed on our resources through a common-sense approach of providing real-time data of flow and traffic to all areas tourists heavily visit. The technology will provide opportunities for sector growth in coding, GIS, GPS, LiDAR, Data Analytics, and IoT devices as we identify solutions to address the needs of the County and State to manage tourism and spur a circular economy to obtain then reach beyond a steady-state economy within our communities.

Population(s) Served: Economically disadvantaged people, Native Hawaiians, and Academics.

Our Programs​

S.T.E.A.M.e RC in the

Community-Based Radio Control Drift Car Hobby

Hawaii Aspiring Aerospace Engineers Academy

E kala mai i ke kukulu ana

INdigenous Games Design

Na Mea ‘Ike ‘Ia’s Ho’omahua Initiative Indigenous Games design pilot program for junior reserve officer training program for high school students

E-Sports Team
Royal Hawaiian Guard

E kala mai i ke kukulu ana

Robotics Team Troop 5 Puali Elima

Our program offers an exciting and educational experience for students passionate about robotics, engineering, and problem-solving. 

Place Holder

E kala mai i ke kukulu ana

FITEClub Academy

Jump into the world of starting businesses online and selling things digitally, learning key skills for your internet business adventure.

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